Esposito Design Associates, Inc. is committed to not only fulfilling our clients basic programmatic requirements, but to communicating the philosophy and image of our clients through the design, function, finishes and furniture. EDA works closely with our clients to understand their business and how their employees function in their day-to-day operations. We design each space to meet these needs functionally as well as aesthetically. Our client's image is transformed into an exciting work environment, while maintaining a clear focus on functionality and budget. The architecture is designed to enhance the business activity and add value in terms of productivity, cost reductions, cohesive culture and employee satisfaction.

Utilizing "Branding Design Techniques", EDA is able to represent our client's values and services throughout their new office environment. We help our clients transform their existing spaces or create new offices that better reflect who they are and what they do.


"Your team is professional, experienced, and listened to our ideas & needs. The project stayed on schedule & within budget."

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