EDA Integrator
An Unique Management Solution

EDA Integrator is a state of the art project management and occupancy management solution that allows you to manage your entire project online. Our system is user friendly, web based and communicates through Internet Explorer, with no other software required. Access is through a secure user-specific logon and is restricted to authorized users only. It can be linked with AutoCAD, Aperture, Visio, etc. EDA Integrator supports both the design and construction portion of the project as well as the post construction/occupancy.

EDA Project Management Integrator (PMI) is a unique, interactive and complete project management tracking and information solution. Through online access, our clients can track their contracts, project progress, etc. from anywhere in the world with Internet Explorer. Check on meeting minutes, budget and schedule status, review drawing logs, review designs, submittals and furniture standards, and review plans, elevations, details and renderings online.

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